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In more than 40 years of business history of IOG we represented successfully a multitude of order projects. Below please find some examples of our marketing activities:

  • Upwards-vertical continuous casting machines for the production of CuOF Copper rod
  • Horizontal continuous casting machines for the production of Zn alloy billets
  • Four upwards-vertical continuous casting machines for the production of CuMg cast and rolled wire
  • More than 100 bell-type furnaces for annealing steel and non-ferrous metals,
    strip and wire, under protective atmosphere, mainly hydrogen
  • Strip bright annealing plants with gas-heated muffle or direct electrically
    heated for stainless steel strip, horizontal and vertical, with a production up to 15 t/h
  • Several vertical and horizontal continuous annealing furnaces and cooling
    towers for continuous galvannealing lines
  • Several continuous annealing lines for steel sheet and tin plate
  • Several furnaces and multi-media cooling zones for annealing and pickling
    lines of stainless steel strip
  • Several steel strip heat-treating lines (martensite, sorbite etc.)
  • Roller hearth furnaces for annealing of ball bearing steel tubes and wire coils
  • Roller hearth and mesh-belt stainless steel tube bright annealing furnaces
  • Continuous roller hearth furnace for annealing and quenching in multiple
    media cooling zone for high-alloy stainless steel plates
  • Several aluminium slab homogenising pusher-type furnaces
  • Several aluminium ingot heating and annealing furnaces
  • Steel powder reduction furnace
  • Aluminium strip coil annealing furnaces
  • Roller hearth annealing furnace and water quench for aluminium plates
  • Aluminium foil annealing furnace
  • Inductively heated ‘Heat to Coat’ vertical furnace
  • Vertical aluminium plate homogenising furnace plant
  • Soaking pits for aluminium slabs
  • Quench unit for heavy steel plates
  • Cooling section for sintering belt
  • Induction steel billet heaters
  • Lead ingot casting and stacking complexes
  • Aluminium ingot casting line
  • Zinc alloy ingot casting and stacking complex (15 t/h)
  • Zinc ball casting machine
  • Zinc ingot casting line
  • Multitude of smaller induction plants
  • Frequency converters for various applications (e.g. vacuum melting furnaces)
  • Twin axle induction melting and tilting furnace
  • Scrap preheaters with vibration hearth
  • Vacuum hardening furnace
  • Vacuum melting furnace
  • Camera systems for furnace snouts in continuous zinc coating lines
  • Steering roll system
  • Multitude of chamber furnaces (electrically and gas-heated)
  • Strip coil stack optimising systems
  • Continuous and batch roller hearth furnace for annealing of magnesium
    sheets and plates
  • Several inductively heated steel strip boosters
  • Several inductively heated strip heaters for galvannealing processes
  • Three 2,6 MW strip heating coils with semi-conductor power supplies
  • Multitude of induction zinc melting pots for continuous galvanizing lines
    (galvanizing, galvannealing, galvalume)
  • Semi-conductor frequency converters up to several MW power
  • Transformers
  • Various furnace revampings and furnace extensions, new strip bridle system
    and steering roll system with hot bridle and snout in a galvanizing line etc.
  • Many spare parts, e.g. molybdenum heating elements, fans, burners etc.

Activities prior to the time of representing principals

  • Engineering and detail design of tilting table
  • Rectangular bell type annealing furnace direct gas-heated
  • Revamping of roller hearth furnace including increase of throughput
  • Complete new lining/new burners with higher throughput of a stainless steel strip catenary furnace in an APL
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