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In times of decreasing profit margins, globalisation and the increasing pressure of competition and prices resulting therefrom, companies have to create ideas and methods, in order to increase value within existing world markets.

Cycles in which new, innovative and high-quality products and services have to be introduced on the market to make profit effectively, are getting shorter. Changed consumer habits in demands can have serious short-term effects on sales.

It became the job of management to realize these changes in operating business and to include and consider these in case of decisions.

Since decades value analysis / value management is one of the most important rationalisation method. As proven and tested practice it assists companies to react adequately on market situations and to adjust products, processes and services to the customer´s needs of tomorrow and to increase their values.

An increase in value can result, e.g., in cost reduction, quality intensification or reduced processing time.

Strategy and formation of value during project definition and product development contribute essentially to the improvement as well. Following the slogan:

As much as necessary, but as little as possible !

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